Patriots or Domestic Terrorists


Patriots or Domestic Terrorists

January 30, 2021

The January 6th attack at the US Capitol by pro-Trump supporters is considered by many to be an act of sedition and insurrection.  However, for those who perpetrated the act – they consider themselves to be American patriots.  Ha ! – that’s a bunch of “bull” -- the more evidence that comes out about these attackers makes it quite evident to see that they are white supremacists’ domestic terrorists. 

Since the start of his presidency, Donald Trump seem to have attracted these fringe groups through social media platforms such as Twitter and Parler. His lies stating" you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides" regarding the violent protest in Charlottesville to exaggerated claims about “caravans” of undocumented immigrants laying siege at border or misleading claims about the coronavirus pandemic to the culminating lie of “rampant fraud in the 2020 presidential election” all led to the attack on the Capitol. Foolishly they  thought they would prevail with the coup.  Thank goodness they were WRONG.

But in truth – Trump didn’t make these people – they were always there.  His rhetoric only lured them out from under the rocks they were hiding under.  These racist, hateful people only needed permission to show their true colors and that’s what they found in “sleazy and corrupt Donald Trump.”

They have always openly advocated violence and terrorism because they felt their whiteness was being threatened by the growth of non-whites in the USA.  “Make America Great Again” – was their harkened call to revert back to a time when the white race held dominance in the USA. Why some minorities sign on with these so called “patriots” or support them remains a damn mystery to me.  Still, Trump used these foolish idiots to push forth his idiotic agenda to remain president and supreme leader.  After all, he admires men like Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdagon, and Kim Jong-un.

The white nationalist movement has embraces extreme rhetoric that support political ideology toward white nationalist ideas. The movement is a complex one, and it overlaps with other ideologies – all centered in misguided beliefs.  Nationalism typically refers to strong support for a country like patriotism, like those who want to put “America first.” 

The movement also tend to support a “tough on crime” approach, therefore, we find many of these nationalists in the military and police force.  They tend to support policies that actively endanger the lives and liberty of Americans of color, particularly Black Americans.  Never forget George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and many others. 

While the Capitol insurrectionists were a mix of the ordinary, enraged, bizarre and deranged, most made it quite clear who they were by wearing Crusader crosses and waving the KKK/Confederate flag to show off their white supremacists’ beliefs.  Make no mistake about it – what happened at the Capitol on January 6th was Domestic Terrorism perpetrated by White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists.


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